The VCN Approach

VCN Approach 
Real People

The VCN Process starts with Real People.  Our five star panel and top-notch recruiting is key.

Real Time Tools

We then use Real Time methodologies where we engage with and  “interview” respondents in their everyday lives.

Real Insights

Finally, we put our expertise to work to pull out Real Insight from the research and bring it to life in video reports.



Real People with Real Results

Clients repeatedly rave about VCN respondents, some even claiming they have been instrumental to new business wins.

We've assembled a team of thousands of research respondents who are digitally savvy people, from every walk of life, every economic strata, every ethnicity, from New York to Beijing.

What's more, when recruiting people for qualitative research, we employ a rigorous vetting process to weed out "professional" respondents and those who claim to be what they're not.

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Is it just me or these interviewees are just exceptional people? Thrilled!”

IsabelleMajor Agency Client
Real-Time Tools

Your Virtual Research Toolbox

VCN Real Time Tools
Moderated Chats

Where we conduct interactive video chats on computers, tablets and mobile devices in one-on-ones and in groups from two to five.

Chat & Surf

With our unique approach to digital research you can engage in your customer’s user experience as they use your app or surf your site (and your competitors’) while chatting in real time.

VCN Blogs

Nothing is off-limits when your customers engage in multi-media activities and video blogging revealing their hopes, dreams and buying behavior.

Listen In

You’ll be surprised what you can learn using VCN’s peer to peer research to understand how your customers talk among themselves.

Epiphany by VCN Mobile

When respondents use our video chat app, Epiphany, on their mobile devices, we can be part of the consumer experience as it happens in real time.

Content Creation

Use video chat footage to create amazing web content with real consumers.

Real Insights

Organizing your insights into market research storytelling superpowers

Real insights mean little if they can’t be organized into a meaningful story that is not only substantive but also engaging. That’s why we put as much thought and effort into market research storytelling as we do into gathering the insights in the first place.

The hands on involvement and extensive account planning expertise of Rachel Geltman (VCN’s founder) comes into play to make sure that every project is seamlessly executed and insights are translated to actionable recommendations for each and every client. Our integration of video into our deliverables brings insights to life in a unique way and is key to how VCN makes every project relevant/useful.

See an example of how the VCN experts pull insights from projects where we combine real people with our real time tools.  In this case, while watching the First Presidential Debate.

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What we offer

VCN Offers Three Levels of Service
VCN Service



Access to VCN’s exclusive Real People Panel. Let VCN recruit amazing respondents and you execute the research.




VCN Service

Recruiting & Hosting

Let VCN recruit from our exclusive Real People Panel and host your project at our Virtual Insights Place (VIP) using our Real-Time Tools.

VCN Service

Full Service


Let VCN do it all including recruiting, hosting, moderating and insight mining brought to life in engaging reports and video edits.



Everything you need for your project at your fingertips in one place

VCN has extensive experience in Consumer, Global and Pharmaceutical research

Consumer Research

VCN has broad experience uncovering and making sense of real insights for consumer products and services.

Global Research

We can help you locate and engage with respondents, using any of our Real Time tools, in over 90 countries worldwide

Pharmaceutical Research

All of the real time tools we use at VCN are highly relevant to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We also do excellent recruiting for HCPs worldwide

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