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We Helped a Major CPG Company Understand the Global Local Paradox For Their Premium Brands

For this CPG company, VCN conducted a study to help them understand premium brand users in some of their key emerging markets.

The question was what is it about consumers in these countries that compel them to pay 30% more for premium branded packaged goods products.

We used a hybrid methodology of VCN Blogs and Moderated Chats to dig deep into premium brand users lives and values.

The learning had profound implications for how this company should market its brands in each country. Take a premium branded shampoo for example. These insights would lead to very different positionings for a shampoo brand based on the underlying emotions we uncovered.

Results from Our Study

“You are extraordinary and entitled to the very best.”

– United Arab Emirates Point of View

“What makes you beautiful and brings complements.”

– India Point of View

“Preservation of moments and experiences.”

– China Point of View

“Calm vs stress, clean vs dirty, quiet vs loud, the color blue.”

– Thailand Point of View

“Taking something and making it better; “resetting” one’s mood.”

– Japan Point of View
Global Case Studies

Download Our Global Reach Case Studies

Download our India case study where we research 4 insights for premium brand marketers.

Download our China case study where we research luxury consumers in China.

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